Extension Family and Consumer Science Webinars

Webinars provide a convenient and free professional development option for people who want to learn new strategies and tools without taking time off work and paying travel expenses. Each hour-long session will be recorded and available on our website to view whenever you'd like.

Upcoming Webinars

All webinars start at 12 p.m. unless indicated otherwise.

  • July 17- Promoting physical activity in your community with the Physical Activity Guidelines, Lourdes Olivas, Extension Associate II

  • September 4- Norovirus: The Winter Vomiting Bug, Dr. Sonja Koukel, Community & Environmental Specialist

Recent Webinars

June 19, 12 p.m. 2019 > What's Your Risk? - Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Lucinda Banegas-Carreon, Extension Associate II

Do you have prediabetes? Over 84 million Americans have prediabetes and 9 out of 10 of them don’t even know they have it. Anyone can have prediabetes but there are many factors that can increase your risk. Prediabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes, in addition to other serious health conditions that are associated. Join me to better understand your risk and what actions you can take to decrease your chances of developing diabetes and improve your lifestyle.

May 22, 12 p.m. 2019> How Caregiving Changes your Relationships

Dr. Karim Martinez, Family Life & Child Development Specialist

All relationships change overtime. However, becoming a caregiver for a family member comes with unique challenges. Family roles may change as caregiving needs increase and these increased responsibilities can lead to emotions of frustration, sadness or anxiety. This webinar will highlight some ways in which caregiving can impact family relationships and discuss strategies for managing and adapting to these changes in healthy ways.

April 17, 12 p.m. 2019 > Improve your Credit Score and SAVE $100’s every Month!

Dr. Bryce Jorgensen, Family Resource Management Specialist

Did you know having a low credit score could cost you over $1000 per month? Did you know that poor credit raises your auto insurance premium MORE than 2 DWI's, 2 at-fault accidents or adding a teen? Building and keeping good credit, and a high credit score, is critical in saving you money! Join me to learn:

  • How your credit score is calculated
  • What damages or helps your credit score
  • How to improve your credit score and fix errors on your credit report
  • How to pull your credit report and your credit score for free

March 20, 12 p.m. 2019 > Building Healthy Relationships through Healthy Communication

Dr. Karim Martinez, Family Life & Child Development Specialist

Effective communication is key to healthy and long-lasting relationships. Unfortunately, communicating in healthy ways is often easier said than done. This webinar will provide strategies to improve your communication skills with family, friends and coworkers. Learn how to reduce misunderstandings that can lead to hurt feelings, increase understanding and strengthen your relationship connections.

February 21, 12 p.m. 2019 > Why Resolutions Fail and how to Create Goals that Work

Dr. Bryce Jorgensen, Family Resource Management Specialist

Have you ever made a resolution just to fail at it within a few weeks? Research shows most of us can stick it out a few weeks, but fewer than half are still going after six months. Only 8 percent are ultimately successful. Our webinar will provide strategies to change your resolutions into goals that are motivating and that you can achieve so you can move to the next level of success in life you desire!

January 23, 12 p.m. 2019 > Creating a Mindset of Wellness

Dr. Raquel Garzon, President and Founder of Revitalize Project

Looking to make a change towards better wellness this year? There is more wellness information available than ever, but does that translate to better behaviors? Often times we know what we need to do, but we don’t do it. Many programs focus on changing our behaviors, but these behaviors are actually a reflection of our underlying mindset, or how we think. This webinar will provide strategies to change a mindset to one that enables positive behaviors and long-term success!